Waiting for the self-flying cars let’s enjoy “classic” self-drivings for now

self-driving-car-ukThe dream of flying vehicles is gong to be reality in the next few years thanks to the Uber flying car project. But first Uber needs a 100% reliable and safe self-driving car, which is almost ready and in beta testing phase.

Self driving vehicles look real as opposed to like anything out of a sci-fi movie. While Google could be the most well known player on the sovereign automobile field, they’re not the only one. Let’s start with Michigan, home to the renowned Motor City. Situated at the University of Michigan North Campus Research Complex, Mcity does not have one resident, but you’ll find self driving vehicles roaming the roads like they own the place.

Mcity contains all the things self driving vehicles may have to manage when they can be ready for prime time. Testing is not limited to only sovereign capacities since the connected, self driving vehicle of the future may be able to convey wirelessly with the surrounding environment. Mcity contains wireless roadside equipment like traffic signs, which along with a car’s capability to convey with a few other vehicles can choose alternate paths before you’re stuck in a traffic snarl. Google vehicles have been test on California roads, but before this year, global technology giant Delphi finished a 3, 400 mile cross country drive with their sovereign automobile, Roadrunner.

You’d never realize it, but the man in the driver’s seat next to you in traffic might not really be driving his car at all. Virginia is taking self driving vehicles to the roads with its Automated Corridor. Fortunately, Virginia has specified a 70 mile section of highways as the Virginia Automated Corridor to permit real world testing of independent vehicles and promote the development of the technology. A connected self driving vehicle may also reduce the length of a trip by selecting a less congested path prior to getting stuck in traffic. Imagine if every car in the morning commute made it to work in less time.

Self driving vehicles can see all and react accordingly. ONE ROBOT STEP AT A TIME. These vehicles do not get tired, suffer with highway hypnotism, or have questionable reflexes. Many vehicles today come with a suite of safety functions which use autonomous technology. Mercedes Benz, Audi, and only about every car manufacturer have some type of independent feature in their cars. Some vehicles can even swerve to avoid danger and after that slip right back to the correct lane to prevent collisions.

Autonomous functions are one thing, but how will totally self-driving vehicles fit into your life? All depends upon you.