Uber offering self-driving taxi service means jobless drivers

nutonomy-self-driving-johnny-cabThe taxi cab business is growing constantly and increasingly more giants have started to step into the marketplace to make the competition more intense and intriguing.

For a lot of people, it became the only mean to bring in their bread since they’ve left other jobs. Now what if Uber and the other big guys out there (see our post about nutonomy in Singapore) launch their own self-driving taxi fleets next year? What happens to thousands of Uber “licensed” drivers?

How to reinvent themselves and enter in this market

Create a Self-Driving Taxi Fleet

uber-self-driving-taxiAll it requires is an effective sensor, which uses different techniques like GPS navigation, radar, lidar, computer vision or odometry, coupled with the sophisticated control system that gather and interpret sensory information to locate the most appropriate navigation path to take the passengers to their destination.

Self-Driving Auto Technology Impact On Drivers giants of the taxi cab business. Uber and Lyft started to work on this technology plus they’re eager to introduce self-driving taxis in the future. Lyft has partnered with General Motors to create a fleet of self-drivings that may pick and fall passengers at their screen touches and leave the motorists out of work. Drivers are quite worried about it approach since the taxi cab companies may deviate from what they’re doing nowadays.

uber-self-driving-taxi-fleetUber has finally launched the first official picture of the self driving vehicles that it is examining on the streets of Pittsburgh, nearly annually to the day since reporters because city first spotted an earlier prototype. As it gathers data, a trained pilot is always behind the wheel. While Uber continues to be in the past of our self-driving attempts, each day of testing leads to progress, the company says. Uber additionally gave a reporter from Pittsburgh’s Tribune Review a ride in the vehicle, the 1st time an associate of the media was permitted to see it in operation up close.

The vehicle drove itself over the 31st Street Bridge along with along the avenue on the North Side before turning around at the Heinz Lofts. The vehicle will increase, brake, steer and execute other fundamental features on its own. It switches from self driving style with a loud beep if its detectors find a car swerving in his lane or it encounters something it does not understand or know how to negotiate. The self-driving’s sensors detected parked vehicles sticking out into traffic, jaywalkers, cyclists and a goose crossing River Avenue. It’s the first official verification that Uber is examining its own self driving to Pittsburgh technology, despite a preponderance of proof pointing to that fact over the last year.

self-driving-uber-taxi-sensor-descriptionsPittsburgh is in which the ride hailing giant has put up its Advanced Technologies Center, in which a team of robotics experts Uber poached from places like Google along with Carnegie Mellon University are working on independent driving technology. A difficult place to test self driving technology. Pittsburgh diverse atmosphere make it a great place for testing, in thus far as it presented a lot of obstacles for the robot vehicles to navigate. John Bares, head of the Air traffic control, told the Tribune Review that city narrow and hilly streets, incomplete parking, rainy and snowy climate and aging infrastructure have made a difficult place to test self driving technology. While Google continues to be the company that is most transparent about testing his car driving car, Uber is the one most experts in the field are viewing closely.

uber-taxi-serviceToday, they’re courting 1000 of motorists to work for the company, so which makes them to quit other jobs. While in future, they’d leave the drivers jobless. Uber and Lyft are not the only giants which are investing in sovereign vehicles, Apple, Google, Tesla and several other car makers are pursuing the style. Unlike the two giants, the businesses aren’t the hailing startups, accountable for providing part time and complete time driving jobs to the people.

Their picture as job creators wouldn’t remain the same as the time passes since job seekers already are aware that they’re working on self driven vehicle technology which may soon leave their drivers jobless. Future facilities for passengers even though the self driven vehicle technology has left drivers with lots of concerns, it’s given new bonuses to passengers to make their ride much more comfortable and smooth. For passengers, the technology may be an excellent hit as all they need to do can be to download a taxi cab application and give proper navigation so as to permit the vehicle to run on its own. Not only that chances of road collision are significantly reduced, wage is also eliminated and passengers don’t have to be worried about the aggressive or diverted driving.