How self-drivings might affect the car insurance industry

self-drivings-tesla-insuranceWe all know it now. Self-drivings are likely to reduce the number of car accidents and this is great. But hey, there will be other human-drivings on the road and what happens if an accident occurs? There will be obviously a totally new legislation on this. One thing is sure, the car insurance industry is going to be changed by the self-drivings. The good or excellent news is that young motorist won’t be paying such high premiums. After all it won’t matter anymore if you’re young or old. You’re driving/riding (or taking?) a self-driving car. All are equal with self-drivings when it comes to insurance coverage premiums.

The current (without self-driving cars) situation of car insurance premiums


There is an assortment of reasons, why car insurance is so expensive for young motorists. Inadequate driving encounter is the first reason behind high insurance coverage premiums. It is critical to have at least 3 years of driving experience, to be authorized for a lower rate. One more reason is the age itself, as rates to get youthful motorists under the age of 25, is probably to be pretty high.

Generally, rates are higher to get male drivers, than female drivers, since men are considered as an increased risk to insurance agencies. When young motorists start driving, they feel independence and it is obviously the beginning of their responsibility. If you are a parent, it is important, to motivate your young driver to have self esteem while driving to evade all fear and keep from any injuries. Any type of incidents that might happen on the road might double insurance coverage premiums, due to the age of the driver. If young drivers will need to buy their premiums themselves, it’ll basically help them realize the need for caring for their budget.

Encouraging them to comprehend the importance of automobile insurance is never a bad idea. It’ll help them carry the appropriate kind of coverage on their vehicle. Whenever your teenager decides to buy an auto, you should help him make a selection on an auto that largely suits his budget. Purchasing a cheaper car will assist them find better insurance contract, with low price and it’s quite normal for the beginning.

The situation in the future (owning a self-driving car)

Driving safely is very essential for everybody, for the driver itself and for everybody on the road. Owning a self-driving doesn’t mean you should not pay attention to the road, at least initially. Young drivers may not be required anymore to keep their eye on the road,  but they need to have their seat-belt fastened and avoid to any throw object from the window. Moreover they should never distract other drivers (that is DO NOT STAND in the roof of your self-driving car!), especially those who’re driving a normal car. Distracting others and using such not acceptable behaviors may increase your self-driving car’s insurance price. And believe us, there will be very strict rules to regulate such a massive technology innovation.