Self-driving technology to be applied in mining. More self-driving robots, less human labours


Using self-driving technology for mining – Introducing the self-working robots

The present day mining industry supplies large scale chances for the latest automotive and connective technology to be tested out. It is supplied by such IT ground-breaking systems as: extreme Wi-Fi that’s able to cover vast deserts, independent cars that deal with removing essential minerals and stones without the requirement for operator actions, smart communications that warn workers if they get close to tremendous machines and a lot more. The specialists in the field believe that the possibility of those systems will help to achieve the ambitious target of the completely sovereign mining website, where the real existence of humans is not needed.

All the leading producers of mining machines are currently developing the best sovereign practices to improve performance and efficiency, reduce cost, and lower emissions without compromise of safety. Through the use of connectivity and precious information analytics they develop the optimal dig routines at the coalface and activate the vehicles of precise sovereign routing. Mining became the mutual combination of large business, big data and big money. Likely the most innovative contributions to smart mines thus far is the Smart Rockbolt. The global mining business uses 100 million of bolts each year. The advanced Smart Rockbolt was designed at Lulea University of Technology in Sweden and it has a remarkable list of virtues. self-driving-mining

Geofencing technology serves to maintain employees far from dangerous equipment. In case there is any issues extraction workers and technicians receive the corresponding text messages on their telephones. Employees may get warnings not to enter a place since the air quality isn’t satisfactory or because there’s heavy machinery working. A worker also could send an alert to the control center when they’re in need of assistance. Another essential value of the technology is the fact that it may give real time feedback on the physical condition of employees by way of special wearable devices. To guarantee effective remote procedure, the connection must be simply flawless.

In case there is the open mines somewhere in high mountain ranges the job requires a lot of effort. There’s such advanced network equipment with ruggedised routers that permit remote mining and construction employees to take benefit of the so called severe Wi-Fi wherever they go. The need for 5G. Providing reliable connectivity that’s flexible and durable enough for underground mining procedures is very challenge. To arrange the work of independent mining machines on a daily basis, the connection must be of a minimum of the 5G standard.