Self-Driving Cars – Major Advantages and Drawbacks

self-driving-car-at-intersectionSelf-drivings might have major advantages – and big drawbacks. Now, before anyone gets also excited, note that self-driving vehicles continue to be a ways off from reality, particularly given all the regulatory and legal hurdles they face. Why not dream a bit? It is worth thinking through what a future full of self driving vehicles might actually look like. Self-drivings could also have a number of disadvantages and surprising consequences, also – from more suburb sprawl to layoffs for the country’s millions of truckers and taxi cab drivers.

Self driving vehicles might be as well a blessing for humanity

self-driving-car-teslaSelf driving vehicles would save lives: This is among the most obvious one. That is a big waste – we spend a ton of cash for vehicles that sit in the parking lot more often than not. If self driving vehicles are safer than human drivers, it is going to be less dangerous for cycling on the road. That’s not a bad thing from the public health standpoint. Moreover, self-drivings might make the transition to electric vehicles easier.

Their rough approximation? If ten percent of the automobiles on the road were self driving vehicles, the state could save a lot more than $37 million per year due to fewer deaths, less fuel, more free time, etc. If we reached a stage where self driving automobiles constituted 90 percent of the vehicles on the road, the advantages would rise to some $447.1 billion a year. Obviously, driverless vehicles won’t be free from problems or unexpected consequences.