Self-driving bus shuttles already bringing people to work in the Netherlands

Its name is EZ10 but they call it WurBy. Just 6 seats, no steering wheel or pedals, no driver. The small bus is a self-driving shuttle. We are already using them in Wageningen, east of Utrecht (Netherlands)“, where there are our offices, reassures Wepods a member of the team that invites us to get on the bus. We are in Amsterdam, on the promenade along the canal in front of the Media Markt Centrum, where is taking place the GPU Technology Conference Europe Nvidia. Them, those of Wepods, using artificial vision system of the American company. The tour on the hard autonomous driving buses around ten minutes, but with the promise of being a taste of European mobility of the near future.

It starts: the WurBy is slow. Not more than 10km/h. ” It can go faster, up to 30 or 40 kilometers per hour thanks to its electric motor. But for security reasons, we prefer a moderate speed ”, continues the clerk of the Dutch startup. It is not the only one who is walking this path. Also in Helsinki, Finland, they are experiencing them for the city. The bus model is the same, the EZ10 product from EsayMile of Toulouse, the Wepods has rebranded. Can be managed via the app, either by the passenger is the company that controls them. The first can signal its presence along the way, the second display its fleet of vehicles in real time, to know the number of travelers and of course remote intervention just in case.
Amsterdam, is part but without driver: on the bus that you drive alone
Incidentally, while we were enjoying the passage of WurBy inevitably monotonous for moderate speed, the small bus had a problem in bending. The clerk pulled out a console joypad and directed him in the desired direction. ” We still have to fix some things ”, it is justified. I wonder if in Wageningen the streets presenting the curves, one wonders. But despite the mishaps, too many people believe. In Helsinki in ten years they want to make meaningless the purchase of a car, which is also the Uber dream.
autonomous driving on two wheels arrive scooters

The transport sector, as a whole, that is between five and ten trillion dollars. That’s why is tempting at all. Mercedes-Benz, just in Amsterdam in July put on the road to autonomous driving his bus for a demonstration. A much bigger beast of the EZ10. And in Perth, Australia, the Royal Automobile Club of Australia, he has put one available to the public. Same music in Washington (USA) with Olli bus. In short: ready, steady and go. But hoping that it is no longer necessary to use a joypad at every turn.