Self-drivings are the present. In the future there will be self-flying cars only

self-flying-car-uberYour alarm fails again, you get up 30 minutes later than regular and hurry to get prepared. After getting to your vehicle you’ve made up a bit of time. You might be now in the vehicle and are prepared for that long commute. Traffic is bad of course, but you are later than normal, making things worse, the traffic is a lot worse. That 10 minutes you accumulated is now gone and you’re on your way to being over a hour late for work. If you are a commuter this has likely occurred to you.The excellent news is that this could become a thing of the past. There are various manufacturing companies in a good race to bring a flying vehicle to the system very shortly. What we mean by “tomorrow”? Current technology is developing very fast and tomorrow might even be 2020!


The future flying vehicles are guaranteed to be the death of all traffic issues. But Moller and Moller, that are leading the way appear to think these cars may be prepared in the very near future. Both firms look like they’re fairly close to getting the rights to mass produce this car. These businesses have working prototypes, and the Terrafugia has successfully flown its car several times. Businesses like Moller happen to be working on this for a while.self-flying-car-uberAerocar out of Longview, Washington had really constructed several working models in the 1940’s, but mass production was never realized. The business that has appeared to model their vehicle out of this longview washington flying car, believes they’re less than 2 years out. The best thing is, they believe they may have these vehicles out at under $150, 000. Finally bring the cost down to that of the standard luxury automobile. Stay tuned for another technical article about self-flying cars coming next week!