nutonomy self-driving taxi service in Singapore

First Self-Drivings Taxi Service to be launched by the end of 2016 in Singapore

Singapore has announced that it will be the first country ever in human transportation history to host a fully self-drivings taxi service. The self-driving taxi service is going to be powered by a  startup called nuTonomy from the MIT, who raised a couple of millions in VC funds. NuTonomy is somehow “directly competing” with Uber and this might be a problem for them.   nutonomy self-driving taxi service There’s no reason to view this as anything other than good news — for Singapore and of course for the entire world. Yes, it is definitely good even for Uber, if not for its primadonna desire to be “first.” Google might present to…


Hello Self-Drivings!

Welcome to Self-Drivings! This is our first post and we’re so glad to launch a blog about self-driving cars. We believe in the self-driving car technology and want to inform the world about this amazing innovation in the transportation area. Our goal is to write as soon as possible a post from our self-driving car. That is, setting the route on a fantastic natural landscape, enjoying our trip while writing a great post for the website. Well, maybe this prototype created by Google ( doesn’t excite the design-fanatics, but hey it does the job. Look at the Google page how cool it is. And have a look at these features….