Nissan self-driving cars testing in London


Nissan has always been a pioneer for new technology. Now their plan is to start playing “for real” with self-drivings. Nissan has declared that it will start real world tests of self-driving cars in London next month – the first self-driving car test on the road ever in Europe. The demonstrations allows passengers to go through the self-driving systems that are expected to appear initially on Leaf and the Qashqai. Passengers include security and technical specialists, and government representatives, who’ll be in a position to see how a self-driving car acts in an extensive variety of urban surroundings that are driving – in this instance in a modified Nissan Leaf. The statement was made following a visit by State Secretary for Industrial Strategy, and Business, Energy, Greg Clark, in Cranfield, to Nissan’s Technical Center Europe.nissans-next-self-driving-car-concept


Mr Clark said: business and Authorities are working collectively to build on our top notch reputation for excellence as a leading place for automotive R&D and production. We would like to see centers, like Nissan here in Cranfield, continues to grow, making us a global leader in the improvement and testing of motor vehicles, so we are able to anchor the next generation of car production and its own supply chain within the United Kingdom. Paul Willcox, Chairman, Nissan Europe, said: It had been our joy to welcome the State Secretary to the Nissan Technical Center Europe in Cranfield and also to show him how we do not only make excellent cars in the United Kingdom, we create the future technology here also.


Genius and initiation is in the heart of its own people and the Nissan brand. We have been developing that pioneering nature for more than 30 years in Britain and for over fifty years in Europe. With future models cutting edge invention being developed right within the United Kingdom and procured, we are looking forward to a powerful future of engineering, designing and production in the united states for clients right through the planet. In just a couple of weeks time, there will be Nissan Leafs driving on the roads of London using our self-driving technology. Nissan Intelligent Mobility is occurring right now, right within the United Kingdom and across Europe.