The History of the Self-Driving Car Project

google-self-driving-carThey’ve driven more than one million kilometers since the business started in secret developing them in the year 2009, but they’ve been examined only once by a government body on open roads-by Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles authorities in May 2012. IEEE Spectrum has got the driving log of this test, and e mails mentioning to it, under Freedom of Information legislation. What hasn’t been disclosed until now’s that Google chose the test path and set limitations on the road and climate conditions that the automobile could fall upon, and that its designers had to take control of the vehicle twice throughout the drive.

The world’s first self driving test occurred on 1 May 2012 in Las Vegas. One was Bruce Breslow, a sports and politician who’d been then head of the DMV. The other, Nancy Wojcik, is in control of testing and licensing for the state. The Nevada DMV designed the test to evaluate the self driving car’s functionality in common scenarios. The investigators would grade Google’s automobile in every scenario, ascertaining whether it operated completely autonomously, required some help from Urmson, or totally handed control over to Urmson. The final check box could show which scenarios the vehicle had faced. In smooth, every day traffic, the Prius worked perfectly.

Breslow noted that the vehicle found and stopped for pedestrians and merged easily onto a freeway up to the local speed limit. The other column suggests that Google’s vehicle wasn’t tested on roundabouts. In communication with the Nevada DMV before the test, Google said its policy was to prohibit independent operation at the level which lack signals and for human drivers to take over. It also noted: especially challenging, where many drivers do not know the proper rules in the first place.