Hello Self-Drivings!

Welcome to Self-Drivings! This is our first post and we’re so glad to launch a blog about self-driving cars.

We believe in the self-driving car technology and want to inform the world about this amazing innovation in the transportation area. Our goal is to write as soon as possible a post from our self-driving car. That is, setting the route on a fantastic natural landscape, enjoying our trip while writing a great post for the website.


Well, maybe this prototype created by Google ( doesn’t excite the design-fanatics, but hey it does the job. Look at the Google page how cool it is. And have a look at these features. We can define it as a mix between an EV and a robot.


For those who are not yet excited, this one might be the standard for self-drivings cars in the near future.


Let’s be optimistic and say…. 2018? Glad to hear what you think about.