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Full self-driving car code available on Github

Discussion in 'Announcement, News and Feedback' started by self-driving, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. self-driving

    self-driving Administrator Staff Member

    Comma.ai has made its self-driving car software open source. It can be downloaded for free from their Github account: https://github.com/commaai
    Looking for some great forks in the next few months!
  2. JanSchumann

    JanSchumann New Member

    It was George Hotz (known as well as Geohack) who made it open source on Github. He was trying to make a self-driving kit for $999 but things did not turn well. Now he's planning to transform his company comma.ai in a saas company. Our startup is working on something similar, an "OS for self-driving vehicles".
  3. betterthanAI

    betterthanAI New Member

    It was a good move imho. You can't compete with the big guys working in a garage and hacking iphones. Going open source it might be the only chance for Comma.ai to survive and who knows, maybe to become Linux for self-driving.
  4. Paulo

    Paulo New Member

    Smart guy but gave up too soon.. You should be determined and always fight for your ideas...
  5. Paulo

    Paulo New Member

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