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Current situation about LIDARs pricing and technology

Discussion in 'Sensors and Cameras' started by self-driving, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. self-driving

    self-driving Administrator Staff Member

    As tends to happen with miniaturization, the technology is getting cheaper as it gets smaller. That's a law about CPUs and donìt remember the name of the guy who stated it...:)

    Velodyne’s most advanced sensor, the PUCK VLP-16, is currently priced at $7,999. Quanergy plans to sell the S3 (a less powerful version) for $250. It will take three S3s for a car to get an all-around view, but that’s still well under a grand. Velodyne is also developing the VLP-32, which will sell for under $500 and will be powerful enough for autonomous driving.

    The main idea is that we'll have soon SSD Lidars with no moving components and prices can go as low as $50
  2. JanSchumann

    JanSchumann New Member

    That's Moore's law. And I have another one regarding AI technology.
    Write down this :)
  3. Paulo

    Paulo New Member

  4. Paulo

    Paulo New Member

    A good LiDAR should be powerful and able to detect any movement happening around the car. These $50 lidars imo are just not good for self-driving cars. Them must be ok for drones or rasbperry pi robots, but I would not mount one of them in cars.
  5. roy89

    roy89 New Member

    Guys, again. Just my 2 cents though. Technology already exists! Is the market that dosn't like to change too fast. There is still milk from the old industry cow.

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