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Discussion in 'Software' started by self-driving, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. self-driving

    self-driving Administrator Staff Member

    Discussion about comma.ai open source software
  2. self-driving

    self-driving Administrator Staff Member

  3. JanSchumann

    JanSchumann New Member

    As Hotz stated it's an Alpha version with NO guarantees, that is it needs a lot of coding. It can run a Honda Civic at maximum 18 mph but has not been tested in busy roads. Anyway, I downloaded it and playing around with the code. Interesting stuff btw.
  4. roy89

    roy89 New Member

    Comma.ai plan to be the official OS for self-driving technology. Being open source is a great advantage, the community can't wait to improve the code.
  5. betterthanAI

    betterthanAI New Member

    It might become the Linux for self-driving technology but it takes time and a huge support from the developers community.
  6. roy89

    roy89 New Member

    There is still some regulation to take care when it comes to safety on the roads. Now Geohacks code is open source but what happens if somebody use its code and there is an accident? Who's responsible? Geohacks or the user of its code?

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