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Discussion in 'Software' started by self-driving, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. self-driving

    self-driving Administrator Staff Member

    Tell us about your experience with aiDrive
  2. JanSchumann

    JanSchumann New Member

    Haven't tested it yet but so far it looks very promising. The company aiMotive is financially backed by Nvidia, the chip makers who are seriously involved in the self-driving industry.
  3. roy89

    roy89 New Member

    Nvidia is acquiring a lot of small companies involved in self-driving technology. They know the potential of this market and want to be the leaders. I'm sure they have the engineers and technology to achieve that. They are like Intel in the late 80s who chose to become windows partner instead of trying to be the market leader. But NVidia seems to have the realistic goal to be a self-driving car brand, not just a supplier. And this is a very smart idea. I am thinking to buy their stocks instead of investing in my startup.

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