First Self-Driving Delivery Van prototype ready to hit the roads by 2020

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Charge, a car technology company specialized in Self-driving Delivery Vans presented for the first time their prototype at the Wired 2016 seminar in London on 3-4 November. The main idea is to bring on the UK roads the first self-driving van by 2020. Moreover, the best thing is it can be easily 3d Printed and assembled by 4 people in a couple of hours.
1 Man Can Assembles in 4 Hours charge Vehicles

Denis Sverdlov, the CEO of Charge,  said:
“We Are removing all the barriers to entry for electric vehicles by pricing them in line with standard trucks, giving every fleet supervisor or business, regardless of how little or large, an opportunity to alter the way they transport goods and make our towns and cities better places to live in.”



Some points about Charge Self-Driving Vans

– The vans are applications based smart trucks that improve and wirelessly upgrade the hardware.

– Each truck is 2 to 26 tonnes, including lightweight parts enabling payload capability gains that are competitive.

– The vehicle also uses half the fuel consumption of vehicles that are traditional.
Identifying Selling Points of the Vehicle

– Since the vehicle consists of an ultra light-weight material, making it easy to gather.

– In addition the electronic result ensures zero emissions of a journey of the first 100 miles.

Sverdlov added, “We find trucks now totally unacceptable. Loud, unfriendly and polluting.”

He concluded, “We Are making trucks the manner they should be- clean, elegant, silent, safe and affordable.”
The Uk Government Needs to See Self Drive Vehicles on the Roads by 2020

The Uk authorities needs to see self-driving vehicles on the roads by 2020 and already companies are pushing forward for self-driving vehicles to be reality.

Jaguar Land Rover has strategies that will see over 100 research vehicles to examine technology that is related and sovereign in the next 4 years.

Tesla additionally recently added their vehicles and hardware, enabling self-driving.

Facts about  Self-Driving Vehicles by Charge

– The firm is a partner of the electrical automobile racing contest, Formula E, creating AI-powered racing vehicles for the Roborace.

– After the Uk authorities permits self-driving vehicles on the road, Charge is considered to be prepared and primed.

– The firm already has plans to start a factory in Oxford where there’ll be 10 workers who will put 10,000 trucks in one year. together
– The Future of Self-Driving Vehicles: the Facts

– Uber has invested in its automated driving research plan, raising $10 billion over from backers.

– Coming Model 3, and Tesla vehicles — Model X, including the Model S, have declared they’ll contain $8,000 worth of cameras, and computers. sensors Until vehicles can be fully sovereign that’s a forerunner.

Ford Self-Driving Car Prototype

Mark Fields, Ford’s Chief executive officer said that the firm intends to offer completely self-driving vehicles by 2021. This may include vehicles with no steering wheel and pedals.