First concerns about self-driving cars. Young drivers might still need a driving license.

self-driving-car-by-google-prototypeFor most, any time you open an internet browser first thing which you do is Google something. For the last 17 years, Google had a role in innovating search engines, efficiency applications, and social networking. Google’s latest effort is the development of the self driving vehicle. A lot of people are excited with the idea and a few others are not so trusting about it. Since its statement in 2012, the self driving vehicle was an important issue among drivers and pedestrians alike. Among the thoughts behind this development is to take away the vehicle accident associated factor of human error, another is to give people opportunity to be more productive while in commute.

Recently Google and Ford Motor Company also have decided to work together on this task and have effectively utilized a self driving vehicle to understand through snowy streets in the northern USA. What does all this mean for the rest of the US? According to reports there are more than 200, 000 vehicle injuries in the southeast states each year and there are over 6, 000 deaths per annum as a result. If tests continue to achieve success, the US can anticipate avoiding maneuvering a vehicle throughout the severe weather is also a big contributor to vehicle crashes and fatalities.

self-driving-car-technologyTesla involved in an accident in May 2016

During the time of the incident, the vehicle was driving itself, having its Autopilot system. The system failed to cease for a tractor trailer trying to turn on a divided highway, along with the Tesla collided with the trailer. The U.S. National Highway Transport Safety Administration has opened an initial assessment into the operation of Autopilot, to ascertain whether the system operated as it was anticipated to. The driver of the truck did not see the Tesla, nor did the self driving Tesla along with its human occupant find the trailer.

The Tesla passed under middle of the trailer at windshield peak along with came to rest at the side of the road after hitting a fence along with a post. Tesla’s declaration and a tweet from Elon Musk offer some insight why the Autopilot system failed to cease for the trailer. The autopilot relies on cameras along with radar to detect along with avoid obstacles, along with the cameras were not able to efficiently identify white side of the tractor trailer against a brilliantly lit sky. It is important to remember that Tesla disables automatic pilot default and requires explicit recognition that the system is new technology along with still in a public beta stage before it may be enabled.

Another favorable view is for much senior citizens can still preserve their autonomy although they lose the capability to actively drive. Some negatives opinions and concerns about the self driving vehicle include people not considering they can in fact trust the technology to function correctly 100% of the time which can lead to a vehicle accident. Other concerns include, the driving application storing personal information might be a violation of privacy, another is how a car may understand itself through detours and others things which could affect the route taken.

Is the self driving vehicle as safe as testers claim it to be? Many skeptics increase the question of whether after the implementing of those vehicles still needed education still be required and will there be lessons to learn how to use the self driving car? Regardless of the opinion is on this issue, only time will tell the outcome.