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Elon Musk: Welcome to the Self-Driving Era

Eight cameras capable of seeing 360 degrees, 12 sensors with a double flow compared to current EVs, an improved radar, a processor forty times more powerful than the previously installed version. Here is the new formula of Elon Musk for full autonomous driving, and therefore able to drive a car from the car park under the house to your destination without ever touching the steering wheel. Level three, very close to the fourth, the five established by Sae (formerly Society of Automotive Engineers, today’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) in the United States. Where the first is represented by normal cars and the last is that of the “Google car” without pedals and steering wheel. The 2.0 Tesla system is offered on all the lines today and those to come, such as the Model 3 waiting for 2017 which will be the first electric autonomous driving with a relatively affordable price. Tesla Vision would be able to perceive things and people in a radius of 250 meters with a very low margin of error. Or so they say the Tesla.

Musk then responds to the criticisms that have rained down after a series of accidents, one of them fatal, due to the erroneous decisions made autopilot. Tesla Vision, as they called it, is able to see even with prohibitive weather conditions such as rain or fog. It will be standard, or something. The Tesla will mount in all the machines, but to activate it must pay over five thousand euro. “At the end Musk was the first to turn his car into a kind of smartphone, with upgradeable software, and through which you can offer paid services,” he says on the phone from Detroit Michael Ramsey, research director of Gartner specializing in the field automotive. “As the Tesla has several weaknesses, he continues to move forward the bar forcing others to copy his agenda”.
Tesla, Elon Musk relaunches: comes the standard autonomous driving
self-drivings-teslaAbout weaknesses. The production capacity of the company’s Elon Musk has been repeatedly questioned. Goldman Sachs lowered its estimates by dropping the Tesla shares by more than 3% less than a week ago. The investment bank claimed that Musk & Co. They have problems in the production of the Model 3, fully automatic machine which Tesla could gain a lot. But it seems that its capacity has already build the limits with 400,000 pre orders. Anyone who book now will have to wait until 2018 for it. Meanwhile Musk will continue to promote its brand, which is already a status symbol, with a trip to the US from Losa Angeles to New York to fully autonomous driving. In short, never put his hand on the steering wheel.