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Leonardo Da Vinci Self-propelled Cart – First self-driving car prototype ever?

     The history of self-driving vehicles goes back much further than many people recognize – Leonardo da Vinci designed the first prototype around 1478. Leonardo’s vehicle was designed as a self propelled robot powered by springs, with programmable steering and the capability to run pre set courses.Well, it was a prototype of course and did…


Self-driving technology to be applied in mining. More self-driving robots, less human labours

  Using self-driving technology for mining – Introducing the self-working robots The present day mining industry supplies large scale chances for the latest automotive and connective technology to be tested out. It is supplied by such IT ground-breaking systems as: extreme Wi-Fi that’s able to cover vast deserts, independent cars that deal with removing essential…


First concerns about self-driving cars. Young drivers might still need a driving license.

For most, any time you open an internet browser first thing which you do is Google something. For the last 17 years, Google had a role in innovating search engines, efficiency applications, and social networking. Google’s latest effort is the development of the self driving vehicle. A lot of people are excited with the idea…