Apple launching its first self-driving car?

apple-self-driving-carHere at we are sure: Apple sooner or later is launching its own Self-Driving Car. Take note of these words and let’s talk again in 2018. We’re not sure if they will call it MacCar or AppleCar but will definitely be a masterpiece. After all they heavily invest in design and technology, so their car won’t make exceptions. Everybody would love to “self-drive” one but their price will probably be in the higher range. What is the self-driving price range? Well, nobody knows it now. Still too early for the final customer price but maybe Tesla has an idea about the cost (and therefore final price) for mass production.

Much is said about the fledgling  self-driving attempts of Apple, with reports of its Project Titan auto department switching its focus from constructing a vehicle and toward applications and automation. On an earnings call, perhaps the most unequivocal acknowledgement that his business was eyeing the auto industry was offered by CEO Tim Cook now. Cook kept it light on details when requested to elaborate on what he believes the business brings to the table although in typical Apple style. I cannot speak about gossips, he said. But as you know, we look for ways that we may improve the experience of the customer on distinct sets of products.

apple-self-driving-car-frontWe are constantly looking at things that are new and the auto space generally is a place where it is clear there is lots of technology that will be capable to revolutionize the automobile industry or will either become accessible. Cook added that the business definitely has nothing it can declare at this time, although that it was fascinating from that perspective. Apple’s Project Titan appears to stay in flux since before this year, when former executive Bob Mansfield is set by the firm in charge of the office.

Mansfield apparently decreased staff and changed the focus to developing an OS for automobiles that would behave comparable to iOS for smartphones of Apple. Another team is focused on constructing a leading automotive software system that will match the many conventional automotive players now switching their focus to automation, and those of Tesla, Uber, Google. It is a tactical decision, but a departure for Apple, which includes eschewed any merchandise strategy that would divorce coincident control over hardware and applications. Based on Bloomberg reports this morning, Apple even constructing a method to examine driving systems that are self through the use of virtual reality, to avoid placing real vehicles on suburban and city roads. All part of Project Titan, these units, now consist of many former key members of the QNX auto applications section of BlackBerry that Apple has poached especially for their expertise, Bloomberg says.