Baidu testing its own self-driving car in California and Wuzhen

baidu-self-drivingsSelf-drivings are the future, and we all know it. It’s like World Wide Web in 1994, everybody had the feeling the the Web was a disruptive technology. Last week Baidu, the biggest Chinese Search Engine proudly launched its own self-driving car equipped with some great features. The Chinese group has formalized its commitment aimed at developing a technology for self-driving car in December last year and has already started being tested on public roads in California. These days he does the same in his local town, more precisely in the town of Wuzhen.

At the moment the project is based on the use of cars provided by automaker BYD, Chery and BAIC. From Tuesday, it transported about 200 people in a long stretch of road 3.16 Km mainly frequented by tourists. The area was mapped in every square centimeter, so as to have a precise view of what is present on the roadway and the surrounding area. On board are a Velodyne LiDAR, several cameras, a millimeter-wave radar and a computer that is responsible for processing the real-time data to manage every aspect of the move, performing actions such as changing lanes, with priority at intersections when you needed, overtaking slower vehicles and even facing U-turns all with a top speed of 60 Km / h, as foreseen by the highway code of the city.

The Asian giant Baidu, like Google, is focusing on self-driving cars. Here is the first self-dricing car produced by the Chinese

The driver is supposed to be ready to take the controls of the vehicle in case of need. So this is a level car 4. Passengers provides information regarding the status of the traffic and points of interest, by means positioned in the cockpit display.
The Chinese group is planning to produce the first self-driving commercial vehicles by 2018, and then start the actual deployment level in dealerships by 2021. A roadmap in line with that already anticipated by other automaker.