self-driving car benefits

Self-Driving Cars Benefits

self-driving-car-prototype-by-googleSelf-driving cars are here to stay. They are among us, hidden in the traffic roads of California, Wuzhen, London, Singapore and even Utrecht.
Let’s have a look to the main benefits of self-driving car technology will bring to the automotive industry


Some will give the chills the idea of entrusting their fate on the road to a combination of sensors and artificial intelligence, and some people will be afraid to hear ringing out the HAL persuasive voice in the small cockpit, but the truth is that self-driving cars are expected to reduce
accidents by more than 90% which are caused by distraction or other human errors.


Ah that pleasure to press on the accelerator will be soon vanished but who cares! It is the freedom to arrive safe at their destination after a sleepless night, the freedom of self-driving traveling on your own car to the desired destination.

The present

It is worth repeating: the self-driving cars are not the future. They are the present. We can define them as cars equipped with functions that enable to accelerate, brake and bending without interaction with the driver, or with limited interaction. There are already around us and are also on the market.

Two groups of self-drivings

These cars are divided into two groups: semi-autonomous or fully autonomous. The latter can move (with or without passengers) from a departure point to a destination without any interaction with the pilot. They can do it on any kind of road situation (city, countryside, off-road). TThey will come in 2019. Self-driving cars of both mentioned categories, will be around 10 million by 2020. Here you see next to the self-driving car timeline for adoption designed by Morgan Stanley.



Self-driving cars greatest benefit

The idea of streets populated by self-driving cars that go around 24/7 restless? he greatest benefit of self-driving cars diffusion is precisely to have safer roads and consequently fewer accidents. The KPMG team carried out a calculation, estimating that this type of car in the UK will lead to 2,500 fewer deaths per year by 20130. That is self-driving cars main benefit will be reducing car accidents and that is a really important benefit.


Current problems to be solved

At present there is just one real obstacle that prevents the mass diffusion of self-driving cars: the cost. Moreover on top of the costs there are as well some issues regarding the car insurance industry. If, to take a trivial example,  a self-driving car made a crash who would be responsible? self-drivings-car-infographic